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11 Nov 2009
Happy Veterans Day
In honor of the signing of the Armistice of World War I on November 11, 1919, the United States t...
12 Sep 2009
Paving Net & Compliance News Statement in Sacramento
I’ve been a state-licensed Paving Contractor C12 & C32 for 34 years. And by the way, ha...
23 Aug 2009
AB 21-X4 Debacle Potentially Detrimental To DVBE Program
The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger Governor, State of California State Capitol, First Floor Sacr...


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State of California Department of Parks and Recreation - Tule Elk Reserv...
Grading/Demo, Concrete, Paving, Electrical, Underground, Carpentry and Equipment Installers
Posted about 18 hours ago
Merced County - Merced County Castle Airport Hangar Improvements
Demolition, Earthwork, Concrete, Structural Steel, Roofing, Metal Door & Frames, Painting, Plumbing & Electrical
Posted about 20 hours ago
State of California-Department of General Services Real Estate Services...
Demolition, Concrete, Structural Steel Framing, Rough Carpentry, Metal Roofing, Painting, Toilet Partitions, Electrical
Posted about 21 hours ago
including but not limited to: Cold Mill, Asphalt Pulverization, Cement Treated Base Pulverization, Cold Planing, Clear and Grub, Unclassified Excavation, Imported Fill, SWPPP, Erosion Control, Crushed Misc. Base (material), Striping (Airfield), RCP, Inlets, Adjust Utilities, Airfield Electrical (demo/install), Equipment Rental, Trucking (haul)
Posted about 23 hours ago
The authority has not set a specific goal, but encourages minority participation. (SITEWORK): Demolition, Site Preparation, Dewatering, Earthwork, Protecting Existing Underground Utilities, Trenching, Backfilling and Compacting, Asphalt Concrete Pavement, Concrete Curbs, Gutters and Sidewalks, Rip Rap, Ductile Iron Pipe and Fittings, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pressure Pipe, Welded Steel Pipe, Installation of Pipe, Disinfection of Piping, Pressure Testing of Piping, Reinforced Concrete Pipe; (CONCRETE): Hot Weather Concreting Procedures, Concrete Formwork, Reinforcement Steel, Joints in Concrete, Wet Well Wall Joint, Cast-in-Place Concrete, Concrete Tilt-Up Panels, Precast Concrete Manholes, Precast Concrete Vaults, Grout, Epoxy Adhesive Injection of Cracks in Concrete Members, Polyurethane Injection of Cracks in Concrete Members; (MASONRY): Mortar and Masonry Grout, Concrete Masonry Units; (METALS): Structural Steel, Open-Web Steel Joists, Metal Decking, Metal Fabrications and Castings, Access Platforms, Metal Grating; (THERMAL AND MOISTURE PROTECTION): Wet Well/Vault Waterproofing, Water Repellents, Fully-Adhered Thermoplastic (PVC) Feltback Membrane Roofing, Flashing and Sheet Metal, Gutters and Downspouts, Roof Hatches, Joint Sealers; (DOORS AND WINDOWS): Steel Doors and Frames, Flush-Mount Roof Hatch, Roll-Up Doors, Removable Metal Framed Skylights, Finish Hardware; (FINISHES): Plant Applied Cement Mortar Lining, Cement Mortar Coating, Painting and Coating, Concrete Coating, Epoxy Lining and Coating for Pipelines; (SPECIALTIES): Miscellaneous Items, Toilet and Urinal, Fire Extinguishers and Brackets, Toilet and Bath Accessories, Trash Rack; (EQUIPMENT): General Requirements for Centrifugal Flow Pumping Equipment, Submersible Pump, Custom Engineered Vertical Turbine Pumps, Air Compressor, Pre-Packaged Sewage Lift Station, Basin Level Sensor; (CONVEYING SYSTEMS): Overhead Bridge Crane; (MECHANICAL): General Piping Requirements, Corrosion Control Copper Pipe and Fittings Stainless Steel Pipe, General Valves, Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Slide Gates, Air Release and Vacuum Relief Valves, Wall Pipes, Seep Rings and Penetrations, Pipe Hangers and Supports, Meters, Water and Sewer Facilities Identification, Flexible Pipe Couplings and Expansion Joints, Electric Motor Actuators , Surge Tank and Appurtenances, Plumbing Piping, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, Fans, Louvers; (ELECTRICAL): General Electrical Requirements, Basic Electrical Materials and Methods, Miscellaneous Electrical Devices, Grounding and Boding, Hangers and Supports for Electrical Systems, Electrical Identification, Low Voltage Conductors and Cables, Medium Voltage Cable and Terminators, Raceways and Boxes, Cabinets and Enclosures, Wiring Devices, Electric Motors, Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives, Medium Voltage Transformers, Medium Voltage Metal-Clad Switch Gear, Panelboards, Motor Control Centers, Low Voltage Transformers, Medium Voltage Solid State Starters, Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting, Medium Voltage Induction Motors, Electrical Testing; (INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROLS): Miscellaneous Panel Instruments, Programmable Logic Controllers, Touch Screen Operator Interface Terminal, Programming, Testing and Commissioning, Optical Fiber Cables, panel Mounted Computers, Networking Equipment, Schedules, Division 17 Test Forms
Posted about 24 hours ago