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San Ramon Valley Unified School District - California High School Kitche...
Demolition, concrete reinforcement, steel, architectural woodwork, waterproofing,insulation, metal/wood doors, glazing, plaster, gypsum board, flooring, painting, kitchen equipment, plumbing, HVAC,electrical, lighting
Posted about 18 hours ago
1070030LEAD COMPLIANCE PLANLSLUMP SUM2090100TIME-RELATED OVERHEAD (WDAY)WDAY1253120090CONSTRUCTION AREA SIGNSLSLUMP SUM4120100TRAFFIC CONTROL SYSTEMLSLUMP SUM5120149TEMPORARY PAVEMENT MARKING (PAINT)SQFT576120159TEMPORARY TRAFFIC STRIPE (PAINT)LF1,4407120165CHANNELIZER (SURFACE MOUNTED)EA688128651PORTABLE CHANGEABLE MESSAGE SIGN (EA)EA49128658END OF QUEUE MONITORING AND WARNING WITH TRUCK MOUNTED CHANGEABLE MESSAGE SIGN DAYEA1010129000TEMPORARY RAILING (TYPE K)LF72011012314ALTERNATIVE TEMPORARY CRASH CUSHIONEA212130100JOB SITE MANAGEMENTLSLUMP SUM13130200PREPARE WATER POLLUTION CONTROL PROGRAMLSLUMP SUM14130620TEMPORARY DRAINAGE INLET PROTECTIONEA115130640TEMPORARY FIBER ROLLLF20016130900TEMPORARY CONCRETE WASHOUTLSLUMP SUM17160110TEMPORARY HIGH-VISIBILITY FENCELF1,04018190101ROADWAY EXCAVATIONCY17019047846(F) - STRUCTURE EXCAVATION (PILE CAP)CY22220047847(F) - STRUCTURE BACKFILL (PILE CAP)CY11821210010MOVE-IN/MOVE-OUT (EROSION CONTROL)EA222210120DUFF (SQFT)SQFT3,30023210360COMPOST SOCKLF30024210430HYDROSEEDSQFT6,00025210610COMPOST (CY)CY1526210630INCORPORATE MATERIALSSQFT6,00027260203CLASS 2 AGGREGATE BASE (CY)CY8328390132HOT MIX ASPHALT (TYPE A)TON19029397005TACK COATTON0.330398200COLD PLANE ASPHALT CONCRETE PAVEMENTSQYD1,5003149060430" CAST-IN-DRILLED-HOLE CONCRETE PILINGLF1,32932047848(F) - STRUCTURAL CONCRETE, PILE CAPCY14633047849(F) - BAR REINFORCING STEEL (PILE CAP)LB4,59934047850(F) - BAR REINFORCING STEEL (PILING)LB52,86535780210SURVEY MONUMENT (TYPE A)EA236780230SURVEY MONUMENT (TYPE D)EA437810120REMOVE PAVEMENT MARKEREA13038810230PAVEMENT MARKER (RETROREFLECTIVE)EA130398460076" THERMOPLASTIC TRAFFIC STRIPE (ENHANCED WET NIGHT VISIBILITY)LF5,94040846030REMOVE THERMOPLASTIC TRAFFIC STRIPELF3,00041872002TEMPORARY SIGNAL SYSTEMSLSLUMP SUM42999990MOBILIZATIONLSLUMP SUM Please call me at the Office number listed above or email me if you have any questions about the project. EMAIL ME FOR PLANS AND SPECS Thank You. Plans, specifications and addenda (if any) are available via drop box link/s if need, please forward request/s to, Bosco Constructors Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. Bosco Constructors Inc. will provide assistance including but not limited to obtaining bonding, lines of credit, insurance, necessary equipment, supplies and/or materials upon request. Please ensure all communications contain an existing/ active license, DIR Registration, along with related certifications if any.
Posted about 18 hours ago
California Department of Transportation - Hwy 80 University Ave Overcros...
36" Drilled Hole, 72" Permanent Steel Casing, Bar Reinforcing Steel, CIDH Piling Work Clean & Paint Steel Soldier Piling, Cold Plane AC Pavement, Concrete Barrier, Construction Area Signs, Construction Materials, Electrical, Erosion Control, Fence Work, Landscaping, Midwest Guardrail Work, Portable Changeable Message Signs, Prepare SWPPP, Sign Work, Steel Soldier Pile, Striping Work, Temporary Erosion Control, Timber Lagging, Traffic Control System, Trucking
Posted about 21 hours ago
County of Orange - Mile Square Regional Park Golf Course Conversion Phase I
Demolition of existing golf course features consisting of concrete paving and curb, inlets and outlets, piping, fencing, drainage system elements, clearing and grubbing, and protecting trees in place. Earthwork consisting of rough grading, fine grading, remedial grading, erosion and sedimentation control, and inlet protection. Paving consisting of vehicular and pedestrian concrete and asphalt paving, pedestrian decomposed granite paving, slab on grade, asphalt curbs, and concrete header at decomposed granite. Lake Construction consisting of new pipe intake screen, new pipe structural seal, new finishes, new shoreline with soil liner, new perimeter shoreline, and new aeration system. Restroom Building Renovation consisting of selective demolition, new plumbing, new finishes, signage, toilet accessories, and drinking fountain. Electrical consisting of new electrical service, new switchgear, new transformer, retractable traffic bollards, trail lighting, and pond aerator feeders. Utilities consisting of building connections, water lines, sewer lines, storm drain, and lake utility lines. Irrigation System consisting of irrigation piping, connections, field satellite, electrical service, and irrigation lake pump system. Planting consisting of hydroseeding and vines.
Posted 1 day ago