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Latest Good Faith Effort Ads

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Posted about 1 hour ago
County of Riverside - Rancho California Road Resurfacing Project, De Luz...
Portable/Changeable Message Signs, Guard Rail, Cold Planing AC Dikes, Concrete Pavement Markings
Posted about 17 hours ago
Caltrans - Construction on State Hwy in Kern County Near Lost Hills from...
Trucking, Lead Compliance Plan, CAS, Traffic Control System, Type III Barricade, Channelizer, Portable Changeable Message Sign, Temporary Railing (Type K), Temporary Crash Cushion Module, SWPPP, Erosion Control, Soil Binder, Drainage Intlet Protection, Fiber Roll, Street Sweeping, Remove Yellow Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe (Hazardous Waste), Treated Wood Waste, Obliterate Resurfacing, Guardrail, Remove Thermoplastic Stripe, Remove Pavement Marker, Remove Roadside Sign, Remove AC Dike, Remove Concrete Pavement, Remove Delineator, Relocate Roadside Sign, Remove Single Thrie Beam Barrier, Remove Double Thrie Barrier, Roadway Ex, Shoulder Backing, Hydroseed, Class II Agg Base, Class II Agg Sub Base, HMA (Type A), Shoulder Rumble Strip, Place HMA Dike (Type C, Type D, Type E, Type F), Tack Coat, Continuously Reinforced Concrete, Drill & Bond (Dowel Bar), Spall Repair (Polyester Concrete), Individual Slab Replacement, Grind Existing Concrete Pavement, Structural Concrete Approach Slab (Type R), Minor Concrete, Paving Notch Extension, Clean Expansion Joint, Joint Seal (MR 1/2", MR 1"), Single Sheet Aluminum Sign, Roadside Sign, Concrete Backfill (Pipe Trench), 12" Temp Culvert, 24" Reinforced Concrete Pipe, Drainage Intlet Marker, 12" & 24" Concrete Flared End Section, Misc. Iron & Steel, Survey Monument (Type A), Delineator (Class1), Object Marker (Type L, Type P), Weed Control Mat, Midwest Guardrail System, Transition Railing (Type WB-31), End Anchor Assembly (Type SFT), Alternative In-Line Terminal System, Alternative Flared Terminal System, Striping, Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe, Pavement Markers, Maintaining Existing Traffic Management System, Modify Lighting
Posted about 18 hours ago
Woodside Avenue Flood Control Improvements
The County is Seeking DVBE participation for the following Scope of Work, with a DVBE Requirement of 3%: Project Identification Sign, Mobilization, Monitoring Well Access, Resident Engineer's Office, Traffic Control, Temporary Railing (Type K), Temporary Crash Cushion Module, Tech Safety & Shoring (RCB & Storm Drain), Trench Safety & Shoring (68" Water Line), Trench Safety & Shoring (48" & 36" Water Lines), Clearing and Grubbing, Remove Culvert and Pipelines, Remove Manholes, Remove Traffic Stripe Pavement Markings, Relocate Roadside Sign, Plane Asphalt Concrete Pavement, Roadway Excavation, Structure Excavation, Structure Backfill, Dewatering System, Prepare Storm Water Prevention Plan, Rain Event Action Plan (REAP), Storm Water Annual Report, Storm Water Sampling and Analysis, BMP Maintenance Period (90 Days), Move In/Move Out (Erosion Control), Temporary Erosion Control (Bonded Fiber Matrix), Erosion Control (Type D), BMP Maintenance Cost Sharing, Construction Site Management, Street Sweeping, Temporary Stabilized Construction Entrance, Temporary Gravel Bag, Temporary Concrete Washout (Portable), Temporary Silt Fence, Temporary Inlet Protection, temporary Fence, C/L (H=6 FT), Aggregate Base, Class 2, Crushed Rock Filter Blanket, Disintegrated Granite (Stabilized), Cellular Block (Precast), Asphalt Concrete, Type B, Asphalt Concrete, Type B (Parking, Private R/W), Asphaltic Emulsion (Paint Binder), Pavement Reinforcing Fabric, Structural Concrete (RCB), Structural Concrete (RCB Wingwall), Structural Concrete (Parapet Wall), Concrete Barrier (Type 742), Drainage Inlet, Type G1, Drainage Inlet, Type G3, Precast Drainage Inlet (18" x 18"), Precast Drainage Inlet (24" X 24"), Curb Inlet, Type B-1 (L=10'), Curb Inlet, Type B-1 (L=20'), Headwall, Type L (48" Pipe), Headwall, Wing Type (36" Pipe), Access Manhole (RCB), Concrete Encasement (21" sewer), Minor Concrete (Curb & Gutter), Minor Concrete (Curb), Minor Concrete (Ribbon-Gutters), Minor Concrete (Sidewalk), Minor Concrete(Driveway), Minor Concrete(Curb Ramp), Minor Concrete (Thrust Block), 18" Reinf. Conc. Pipe (CL. IV), 24" Reinf. Conc. Pipe (CL IV), 30" Reinf. Conc. Pipe (CL IV), 36" Reinf. Conc. Pipe (CL IV), 48" Reinf. Conc. Pipe (CL IV), Jacking Dual RCB (9'x 5'), 12" PVC Sewer Pipe (SDR 35), 15" PVC Sewer Pipe (SDR 35), 21" PVC Sewer Pipe (SDR 35), 12" PVC Sewer Pipe (SDR 25), 21" PVC Sewer Pipe (SDR 26), Sewage By-Pass, Temporary, Sewer Manhole (4' x3'), Sewer Manhole (5' x3'), Reconstruct Water Service, 4" and 6" Sewer Lateral Modifications, CCTV Inspection (Water Pipe), 36" CML&C Steel Pipe, 48" CML & C Steel Pipe, 68" CML & C Steel Pipe, 8" PVC Water Pipe, 6" PVC Water line, Access Manhole (68" Water Line), Access Manhole (36" and 48" Water Line), Cathodic Protection, 36" Insulation Flange Kit & POC Special, 48" Insulation Flange Kit & POC Special, 68" " Insulation Flange Kit & POC Special, Weld Interior Pipe Joints, 2" Blow-Off Assembly, 6" Blow-Off Assembly 4" Air Vac, 6" Air Release Valve, 16" Pipe Casing, Reset Fire Hydrant, Irrigation System, Landscaping, Rock Slope Protection (1/2 ton, Type 1), Roadside Sign (One Post), Chain Link Fence (H=6 FT), Chain Link Roll Gate, Chain Link Swing Gate (H=6 FT), Cable Railing, Paint Traffic Stripe (2-Coat), Thermoplastic Pavement Markings, Relocate Street Light, Modify Traffic Signal and Safety Lighting System, Pavement Marker, Retroreflective, Curb Inlet Filter, Field Orders, Time Related Overhead, Progress Schedule.
Posted about 18 hours ago