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What is Compliance News?

Compliance News is a Trade & Focus publication owned and managed by a disabled veteran. It is dedicated to promoting the interests of disadvantaged, women, minority, and disabled veteran owned enterprises as well as small business enterprises nationwide.

Why Become a Member?

Becoming a member opens up a series of features that help streamline advertising and contacting state and federally certified firms and contractors. Contractors who become members of our system are able to: Join the other 2500 of the U.S.A's leading prime contractors and streamline your Good Faith Effort Advertising and State/Federal Certified Firm Search to save both time and money.


December 1998:

Compliance News was launched as the first online Trade & Focus publication.

December, 2000:

The company deployed new E-commerce tools to include bid document processing. Membership continued to grow as the online virtual office application provided a valuable timesaving service, now able to deliver higher quality paperwork and help prime contractors and certified firms connect.

September, 2003:

We upgraded to a National format with new strategically located servers.
With a team of Stanford programmers, the Compliance News continues to expand it online application to assist small certified business, bidding prime contractors, and government.

February, 2006:

We released our blog in order to cover nationwide issues regarding the state of MBEs, DBEs, WBEs, and disabled veterans.

January, 2007

The Compliance News was upgraded to process state and federal certified firms from all 50 states.