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Griffith Company (Bakersfield) is seeking certified and qualified
DBE - 11% subcontractors and/or suppliers to provide:
Construction Surveys, Lead Compliance Plan, Construction Area Signs, Traffic Control System, Type II Barricade, Temporary Pavement Marking (Paint), Temporary Traffic Stripe (Paint), Channelizer (Surface Mounted), Flashing Beacon System, Temporary Flashing Beacon, Temporary Pavement Marker, Portable Changeable Message Sign, Temporary Railing (Type K), Temporary Crash Cushion Module, Temporary Alternative In Line Crash Cushion System, SWPPP, Storm Water Annual Report, Temporary Hydraulich Mulch (Bonded Fiber Mix), Temporary Fiber Roll, Temporary Silt Fence, Temporary Construction Fence, Street Sweeping, Temporary Concrete Washout, Dust Control Plan, Treated Wood Waste, Remove Fence (TYPE BW), Remove Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe, Remove Thermoplastic Pavement Marking, Remove Roadside Sign (Wood Post), Remove Roadside Sign (Strap and Saddle Bracket Method), Relocate Roadside Sign One Post, Clearing and Grubbing, Roadway Excavation, Structure Excavation (Retaining Wall), Structure Backfill (Retaining Wall), Pervious Backfill Material (Retaining Wall), Hydromulch, Straw, Hydroseed, Compost, Incorporate Materials, Class II Agg Subbase, Class II Agg Base, Tack Coat (Seal), HMA (Type A), Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement, Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (Black Integrally Colored Concrete), Structural Concrete (Retaining Wall, Drainage Inlet, Junction Structure), Minor Concrete, Bar Reinforcing Steel (Retaining Wall), Roadside Sign (One Post, Two Post), Install Sign (Strap and Saddle Bracket Method), 18" Reinforced Concrete Pipe, 24" Reinforced Concrete Pipe, 24" Steel Flared End Section, 36" Precast Concrete Pipe Inlet, Rock Slope Protection (150lb Class III Method B, CY), Rock Slope Protection Fabric (Class 8), Detectable Warning Surface, Minor Concrete (Curb, Sidewalk, Curb Ramp, Textured Paving), Pre/Post Construction Surveys, Misc. Iron and Steel, Fence (Type BW, Metal Post), Chain Link Fence (Type CL-6), 12' Chain Link Gate (Type CL-6), Furnish Laminated Panel Sign (1" Type B) for Retroreflective Sheeting (Type XI), Furnish Laminated Panel Sign (2 1/2" Type B) for Retroreflective Sheeting (Type XI), Furnish Single Sheet Aluminum Sign ("0.063 Unframed) for Retroreflective Sheeting (Type XI), Furnish Single Sheet Aluminum Sign ("0.080 Unframed) for Retroreflective Sheeting (Type XI), Retroreflective Sheeting (Type XI), 6" Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe (Enhanced Wet Night Visibility), 8" Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe (Enhanced Wet Night Visibility), Thermoplastic Pavement Marking, Pavement Marker (Retroreflective), Maintaining Existing Traffic Management System Elements During Construction, Modify Existing Electrical System, Removing Existing Electrical System, Office Trailer, Hauling

for project:
City of Bakersfield - Stockdale Highway & Enos Lane (SR43) Roundabout - City Project No. TRCC25; Federal Project No. CML-5109(246)

Bakersfield, CA

Bid Due: Thursday, Nov 15, 2018 at 02:00 PM PST
Solicitation Number: TRCC25

Griffith Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Assistance is available in obtaining bonds, lines of credit, insurance, equipment or other technical information. Plans available from owner or are available for review at our office in Bakersfield prior to bid day. Please contact our office at 661-392-6640 for more information. Certification must be faxed to 661-393-9525.

Griffith Company (Bakersfield)

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Steve Devers,
1128 Carrier Parkway Avenue
Bakersfield, CA

Telephone: (661) 392-6640
Fax: (661) 393-9525
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Published: Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018 at 11:29 PM PST