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Project Details

Griffith Company (Santa Fe Springs) is seeking certified and qualified
DBE - 24.86% subcontractors and/or suppliers to provide:
the following work (but not limited to): Mobilization, Demobilization, P-101-5.1 Pavement Removal up to 6 inches, P-101-5.2 Cold Milling asphalt concrete up to 3 inches, P-101-5.3 Saw Cut (3-inch depth in new asphalt concrete wearing course), P-101-5.4 Remove Abandoned Fence Posts and repair of existing void space, P-101-5.5 Remove Survey Pins, P-101-5.6 Steel Protection Plates, P-152-4.1 Unclassified Excavation, P-156-5.1 Temporary Water Pollution, Soil Erosion and Siltation Control Work (per SWPPP), P-209-5.1 Crushed Aggregate Base Course (CABC), P-401-8.1 Bituminous Course (PG 70-10) Base Bid Apron Pavement (2.5-inch to 5-inch depth), P-401-8.2 3-inch Taxiway Bituminous Course (PG 70-10), P-401-8.3 3-inch Taxiway Bituminous Wearing Course (PG 76-22), P-403-8.1 Hot Mixed Asphalt (HMA) Shoulder Course (2.5 inch to 3-inch), P-608-8.1 Asphalt Surface Treatment (Seal Coat), P-610-5.1 Structural Portland Cement Concrete, P-620-5.1 Runway, taxiway, apron and service road - Temporary Markings (White), P-620-5.2 Runway, taxiway, apron and service road - Permanent Markings (White), P-620-5.3 Runway, taxiway and apron - Temporary Markings (Yellow), P-620-5.4 Runway, taxiway and apron - Permanent Markings (Yellow), P-620-5.5 Runway, taxiway and apron - Permanent Markings (Black), P-620-5.6 Runway and taxiway - Permanent Markings (Green), P-620-5.7 Runway and Taxiway Painting - Surface Painted Hold Sign (Red), P-620-5.10 Storm Drain "No Dumping" sign - Blue, L-108-5.1 No. 8 AWG, 5 kV, 600V, L-824, Type C Cable, L-108-5.2 No. 6 AWG Bare Counterpoise Wire, L-110-5.1 CLSM-Encased, Electrical Conduit, 1- 2" PVC, L-125-5.3 L-867 3/8" Metal Plate Cover on Existing Runway Guard Light Base, L-125-5.4 Remove Existing Concrete Base From Guidance Sign, L-125-5.5 Remove Electrical Light Fixtures, Including Base, L-125-5.6 Demo Existing Electrical Conduit and Cable, Include In-casement, L-125-5.7 Temporary Airport Lighting Systems, L-125-5.8 L-853 Type II Blue Reflective Taxiway Edge Markers, L-125-5.9 New Vehicle Gate Loop System, P-101-5.1a Pavement Removal up to 6 inches - Alternate Bid Item (Add), P-101-5.2a Cold Milling asphalt concrete up to 3 inches - Alternate Bid Item (Deduct), *P-401-8.1a Bituminous Course (PG 70-10) Alternate Bid Apron Pavement (2.5-inch to 4-inch depth) (Add), P-601-8.1 Fuel-Resistant Bituminous Surface Course (1-inch Depth) - Alternate Bid Apron, P-610-5.3 4-inch Thick PCC Slab - Alternate Bid Item

for project:
Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority - Taxiway C and D West End and General Aviation Ramp Rehabilitation

Burbank, CA

Bid Due: Monday, Apr 30, 2018 at 04:00 PM PST
Solicitation Number: E17-08

Griffith Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Assistance is available in obtaining bonds, lines of credit, insurance or other technical information. Plans available from owner or are available for review at our office in Santa Fe Springs prior to bid day. Please contact our office at 562-929-1128 for more information. Certification must be faxed to 562-864-8970.

Griffith Company (Santa Fe Springs)


Jason Spear,
12200 Bloomfield Avenue
Santa Fe Springs, CA

Telephone: (562) 929-1128
Fax: (562) 864-8970
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Published: Saturday, Apr 14, 2018 at 12:36 AM PST