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What Browsers does Compliance News Support?

Compliance News is a modern service and has been updated to provide a rich user experience. It requires Internet Explorer 6.x, Safari, or Firefox. Compliance News doesn't work with Internet Explorer 5.x on Windows or Macintosh. Other browsers may work, but only the three listed are guaranteed compatible.

A quick way to test if you have a modern browser is to try our maps page. If you see a map and can click and drag, than your browser passes the test.

I don't have one of those browsers. Where do I get it?


Firefox is a free, easy to use browser from the Mozilla Foundation. It works on Windows,Macintosh, and Linux. Download it here

Internet Explorer

If you are running Microsoft Windows, go to system update from the start menu to update to the latest Internet Explorer. This is also free.


Safari requires Macintosh OSX, but it is also free. It is included with Mac OSX versions greater than 10.3. If you have an older version, we suggest upgrading or downloading Firefox above.